5 German Youtube Vloggers to Follow for German Practice

5 German Vloggers to Follow for German Practice - Hello and Hallo Blog

Looking for a fun way to supplement your German language skills? I recently started following German Vloggers on Youtube as a way to increase my German language immersion at home. A Vlog is another form of blogging, but instead of writing out posts, “Vloggers” share content using videos. Vlogs are usually short, so it is an easy way to get in 5 -10 minutes of German language exposure each day.

One of the things I like about following Vloggers on Youtube is that I can pause the video, slow down the speed, or replay portions of the video I did not understand – perfect for a German language novice like me.

Since Vloggers cover a variety of topics, it is easy to find videos that suit your interests. Here are 5 German Youtube Vloggers that I enjoy –

Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee’s channel is only in German and she shares a variety of videos ranging from practical jokes with her sister to cooking tutorials and beauty videos. Regardless of what she is sharing, it is easy to fall in love with her upbeat personality and sense of humor.

Get Germanized

Dominik is a self-proclaimed “real German” on a mission to help native English speakers learn about German language and culture. Dominik’s videos are in English and are incredibly funny. His channel includes playlists such as, “Ask a German” and “Germany – Culture, Langauge, and Random Fun” plus he posts three times a week – so many videos with so much to learn!


YumTamTam is a cooking channel run by three German friends. Their videos feature tasty recipes and are taught entirely in German. I love that by watching their videos I not only improve my German but learn a new recipe as well.

Bibi’s Beauty Palace

Bibi’s Beauty Palace is one of the most popular German Vlog Channels. Each video is entirely in German and as the name suggests, Bibi’s Beauty Palace focuses on beauty. If makeup and beauty tutorials are not your thing, there are a lot of other options including funny challenge videos, comedy, and even some celebrity interviews.

Deutsch für Euch

Deutsch für Euch is run by a German Vlogger, Katja, who has created short video lessons in English about learning the German language. What I like most about Katja is that she finds ways to make the frustrating parts about learning German entertaining and seem a lot easier.

Are there any German Vloggers you like to follow? I am always looking for new suggestions, so please comment below with your favorites.


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  1. Amber says:

    Hi Chelsea,

    I have a client who is relocating to Linz at the end of the month and would like to take German lessons. Do you happen to know anyone in the Linz/Wels area who is available to teach German one-on-one in person?

    Thanks in advance,

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