Chelsea from the Hello and Hallo Blog
Hello, I’m Chelsea, an adventurous California girl living in beautiful Austria. Welcome to Hello and Hallo, a blog dedicated to giving useful and honest insights into expat life in Austria as well as travel tips and cultural information discovered on my adventures.

How did I get here?

2016 started with a bang. My partner had just found out that he would be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of living abroad and on New Year’s Day we were married. Three days later he boarded a plane to Villach, Austria and I followed two weeks later. It was a complex process and everything happened so quickly that it was overwhelming to wrap my mind around the idea that I would be living in a country where I knew no one and did not speak the language – but I decided to embrace the fear and do it anyways. I am a firm believer that fortune favors the brave and that there is power in saying yes to the opportunities that arise in life.

Why this blog?

Plain and simple – I want to help. Living in a foreign country can be exhausting and very difficult, but in between the times of frustration and confusion, there is something beautiful in overcoming the odds and embracing the adventure to be had. Through Hello and Hallo I hope to make the expat experience a little easier for the next person, I share insider tips about navigating Austrian culture as well as travel tips for those exploring my little corner of the world. I hope that you enjoy my insights and that it brings some lightness and laughter to your day.

I love hearing from readers so if you find yourself in Villach or the state of Carinthia, Austria – say hello at chelsea@helloandhallo.com.

Thanks for stopping by.