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And like that, I am back in Austria. I ended up taking a very long, but much needed break from the Internet to spend quality time with family and friends.

So hello and hallo 2017, nice to see you!

For this edition of Around Here, I thought I would share a funny story that happened to me today:

I work with a family as a native English speaker nanny and I typically work on Thursday’s. Today I went over to their home and began to search the kitchen to prepare lunch. Shortly after I arrived, the eldest daughter and her Oma walked into the home. I was surprised to see the Oma there, but since she only speaks German and I only speak English, we only did a quick formal greeting. The Oma took over preparing lunch and made a nice schnitzel with rice. The eldest daughter seemed unphased by my being there and the Oma served us lunch followed by a nice slice of cake. I found this odd, but not out of the ordinary. After an hour and a half, the eldest daughter was on the phone with her mother when her mother informed me that she meant the following Thursday.

So – this poor German speaking Oma walked into her grandchildren’s home to find an adult woman she had never met before and instead of asking me questions or asking her granddaughter for clarification, she straight up served me homemade schnitzel and cake! I was so embarrassed! I could only imagine how frightened she must have been, but power to her for rolling with it!

Moral of the story: always ask for exact dates with your work schedule and ask questions if things seem out of the ordinary. So thank you Oma, lunch was fantastic! 😂

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  1. Patti Allen says:

    You are an amazing writer! I have enjoyed your articles and stories about your life. I visited Austria once 20 years ago for a few days, but would love to go back and spend more time after looking at this beautiful country from your perspective. I would like to ask you for your advice – what group could I contact in Austria to share information about becoming a National Peace Ambassador with our Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative from the USA? I do not know anyone there and hope you do not mind my asking you. Thank-you!

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