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  1. Sleepy Laika being a lazy pup on our bed. Since becoming underemployed I have been able to spend more time with him and it blows my mind to see how much of his time is spent napping. We believe he is about 6 – 7 years old, so perhaps he is just enjoying the slower life of being middle-aged.
  2. Finishing up a weaving project. I recently purchased a loom from Ebay and weaving has quickly become my favorite hobby. I get into a creative flow when I am at my loom and I love the challenge of balancing textures, colors, and patterns to create a woven piece. The wall hanging pictured is not quite finished yet since I still need to find a mount for it, but I must admit I am quite proud of it.
  3. My first homebrewed ginger beer. I have been reading the fermentation tome “The Art of Fermentation” by Chelsea Green and it has been an excellent book for a lazy summer afternoon. I always love the challenge of doing something on my own and after reading a bit about the benefits of fermentation, I was interested in trying my hand at ginger beer. I used the recipe from Tori Avey and it turned out great.

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