Autumn in Austria 

Hello and Hallo - Autumn in Austria

Autumn in Austria is beautiful – mountains with snow-covered peaks, forests with vibrant red leaves, and the smell of firewood in the air. This is my first Autumn in Austria and I am smitten. Our city center is slowly transitioning to the cold as the gelato shops close and the roasted chestnut stall reopens. This summer was glorious, but there is something magical about a cool Autumn evening.

Hello and Hallo - Autumn in AustriaHello and Hallo - Autumn in Austria

Since Autumn is my favorite season, I have been finding ways to celebrate the season throughout the week. One of my favorite activities is going on a weekly walk in the neighboring park to watch the leaves change. It is October now and some of the trees are just starting to change, I want to make sure I get to see the full transition of color before all of the leaves are on the ground.

Hello and Hallo - Autumn in AustriaHello and Hallo - Autumn in AustriaIf you are lucky enough to be in Austria during Autumn be sure to spend some time outside of the city to reap all of the benefits of the season. The weather is cool, there are occasional rain showers, and there may be a little bit of snow here and there, but the sheer beauty of this country is sure to entrance you. Enjoy some dishes made of kurbis squash, buy some hot chestnuts from the local chestnut stall, and enjoy Autumn in Austria – I know I will.

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