Things to do in Baška, Croatia

Things to do in Baska, Croatia

Zdravo, friends! Last weekend, I had the privilege of spending the last days of summer in the lovely Croatian town of Baška. Located on the south-eastern side of the island of Krk, Baška is a small seaside town with a rich history. Founded in 1100, Baška is the birthplace of the Baška tablet which features the first inscription of the term “Croatian” and is the home of several early Christianity sites. From its pristine ocean water to its town full of Mediterranean charm, Baška is an excellent weekend getaway to enjoy Croatia. In order to help you make the most of your time in Baška, here is a list of things to do while you are staying in town.

Things to do in Baska, Croatia - Hello and Hallo


  • Snorkel or dive: this area of Croatia is famous for its diving and the water visibility is excellent. We spent an afternoon snorkeling around a small cove (pictured above) and saw starfish, sea cucumbers, lots of fish, and some sponges. To get to the snorkel spot, walk along “Kricin” road on the Eastern side of town towards the “Naturist Camp Bunculuka.” The spot we picked was right before the hill that heads towards the “naturist camp” which by the way is a nudist camp. Hopefully, you will not get the cruel shock of walking up a hill only to find a sea of sunburned nude tourists like we did! I highly recommend bringing water shoes or wearing your sandals in the water since there are a lot of urchins. A friend of ours accidentally stepped on one while he was wading in and was pricked with urchin spines, so please be careful. There are plenty of spots to rent or purchase snorkel gear and water shoes in town.
  • Go hiking: with more than 16 hiking trails, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the chapparal hills that surround the town. One of the most popular routes is “The Baška Glagolithic Path” that goes through the town center and up into the hills. For more hiking trails, check here.
  • Swim in the sea from a cliffside bathing spot: on the Eastern side of Baška, follow the walkway from town along “Kricin” road to find several cliffside bathing spots. These areas are easily accessible from the road and have staircases down to perfectly secluded areas for a quick dip in the ocean and some prime sunbathing.
  • Eat freshly caught fish: there are several restaurants that line the main pedestrian path so there are definitely options for everyone. We even saw an old Croatian fisherman come in with his catch for the morning which included an octopus that he pulled off of the bottom of his dinghy.
  • Explore the narrow streets of the old town: with the population just under 1000 residents, the old town of Baška is a picturesque backdrop for exploring narrow Mediterranean streets. I really enjoyed seeing the old residences and the lovingly curated gardens around each home’s entrance – there was so much inspiration, so bring your camera.
  • Enjoy a glass of Zlahtina or cold Grappa: Zlahtina is the local white wine of the region and is a refreshing treat on a warm summer day. Grappa can easily be found on the island and is an excellent aperitif. We stayed at a local home through Airbnb and our host brought us a bottle of Grappa that he had distilled from grapes he helped to harvest, it was amazing!
  • Hike to Sveti Ivan at sunset: end the day in Baška with a sunset view from the Sveti Ivan church that overlooks the town. The trail takes you through grazing areas for sheep and the remnants of the Baška castle, be sure to bring your walking shoes since it is up a hill. The views from Sveti Ivan are beautiful and worth the work to get up the hill.
  • Go camping: Baška is home to several camping sites right by the ocean, be sure to book your spot in advance since sites will fill during peak tourist season (July – September).
  • Pick grapes and fresh figs: if you visit during the summer you are going to see a bounty of fresh grapes and Kadota figs as you walk around town. It feels like every home has grapes over the parking area and fig trees in the front yard. While we were walking around we saw lots of fig trees that were in open areas for the public to pick from so if you see a ripe one be sure to treat yourself. Kadota figs will always remind me of our weekend in Baška, I easily ate at least 10 while I was there.

Things to do in Baska Croatia - Hello and Hallo


  • Getting there: Baška is easiest to reach by car. There are several parking areas close to the town with a daily parking fee. The biggest parking area is located at the intersection of “Kralja Tomislava” and “Stari Dvori” off of “Zaobilaznica.” During peak tourist season, the parking lots are much busier on Saturdays when Croatians drive down for the weekend.
  • Getting around: even though we arrived by car, we spent the whole weekend on foot. You can easily walk across town in under an hour, so worry not.
  • Traveling with a dog: we brought our trusty dog Laika with us for this weekend adventure. All in all, we did not have any issues bringing him since dogs are permitted on the patios of most restaurants. Dogs are not permitted on the beach except for “Zarok” beach which is located on the western most side of town. Just ask for the “Plaza za pse” for directions to the dog beach.
  • Wifi: the waterfront pedestrian area and most of downtown have access to free wifi.
  • Tourist area: personally, I was not a fan of the tourist zone on the western side of the town. If you are looking for a more low-key setting, just head to the eastern side of town where the harbor is. The prices are lower, there are fewer souvenir stands, and it is more relaxed. However, I do want to point out that there was a stand selling Langos in the tourist area and having Langos on the beach was dope.

Things to do in Baska, Croatia - Hello and HalloThings to do in Baska, Croatia - Hello and HalloThings to do in Baska Croatia - Hello and Hallo

We had an excellent weekend in Baška and plan on visiting again next summer. The city is small, but in exchange for all its quaintness, I felt like we were able to have a peaceful, low-key getaway on the Adriatic sea. Hopefully, you get to experience this beautiful town and if you happen to visit let me know what you think!


Things to do in Baska, Croatia - Hello and Hallo

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