Gailtaler Speck Fest

Gailtaler Speckfest

Every year, the town of Hermagor hosts a Speckfest to showcase its delicious Gailtaler Speck. Speck (pronounced “shpeck”) is a salty, smoked and cured meat that is similar to Italian prosciutto with a sharper flavor. Speck is typically eaten as a part of “Jausen teller” which is charcuterie board of meats, cheeses, pickles, and bread. Gailtaler Speck is well known in Carinthia and is protected within the European Union, meaning that it has to be processed within the Gailtal region to be called “Gailtaler Speck.”

Gailtaler SpeckfestThe Gailtaler Speckfest takes place in June every year and the downtown area of Hermagor is full of festivity for the weekend. My husband and I visited on Sunday and enjoyed the warm weather and delicious food. We had some friends visiting from the USA and figured visiting a “Speckfest” would be a great way to experience Carinthian culture and food. Carinthian locals in Trachten, Schlager music, and plenty of beer and speck – what more could you ask for? Gailtaler SpeckfestThe festivities for Gailtaler Speckfest kick off Friday evening and continue through Sunday. Saturday is the biggest day of the festival with live music and the official “speck cutting” in the morning. Gailtaler Speckfest

The highlight of the festival is definitely the food. You must try the “Gailtaler Friga” which is a fried hash of potatoes, speck and cheese. It is NOT HEALTHY, but who goes to a Speckfest to be healthy? Not this girl, that’s for sure. Gailtaler Speckfest

Know Before You Go to Speck Fest:

Current information for the next Speckfest can be found on their website: The Gailtaler Speckfest is also on Facebook at

Entry to the Gailtaler Speckfest is free.

Free parking can be found near the city center. Since Hermagor is a smaller town, it is easy to walk to the festivities from where you park your car. Gailtaler Speckfest

I’m still thinking about how great the Friga was. It’s probably a good thing this only occurs once a year, or else my waistline would be in trouble. Let me know if you make it out to Hermagor for Speckfest, maybe I’ll see you next year!

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