Indian Cooking Class with We.Villach

Indian Cooking Class with We.Villach

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to attend an Indian cooking class organized by We. Villach. We.Villach is a collective of International women who organize cooking classes to share their passion for cooking. Through the Carinthian International Club, I have been fortunate to meet these amazing women and I was excited to finally attend one of their cooking classes.

Indian Cooking Class with We.Villach - Hello and Hallo Blog

Our instructor for the evening was the amazing Amuthavalli who organized a fun lesson on how to prepare Rajma curry, beet root sauté, and chappathi (Indian flat bread ). I was nervous about attending the class since I did not know anyone in the class besides the instructors, but everyone quickly bonded once we busted out our aprons and began chopping ingredients. It goes to show that food really does bring people together.

Indian Cooking Class with We.Villach

I am an Indian food aficionado, so getting to learn how to prepare the recipes from Amuthavalli was a dream come true. I learned a lot of tips and tricks for preparing curry, with the most valuable lesson being that a good curry takes time – the delicious spices need to simmer together to create the perfect curry masterpiece.

One of my favorite moments of the evening was learning how to make chappathi. It made me smile to see people from all over the world gathered around the table in the communal task of rolling out chappathi. Once they were rolled out, class participants took turns trying their hand at cooking the chappathi in the pan and it was so cool to see how proud people were of their accomplishments. My chappathi rolling skills still need to come a long way, evidently, it is very difficult for me to roll something into a proper circle.

Indian Cooking Class with We.Villach

Seeing the food that we helped prepare come out at the end of the evening was very fulfilling. I had such a fun time getting to meet new people while learning a new skill, not to mention I got a delicious dinner out of it.

Right now, We.Villach cooking classes are organized every couple of months. Classes take place at OTELO and are typically advertised on the OTELO Facebook page. We.Villach can also be reached at If you are lucky enough to hear about a cooking class, I strongly recommend you jump on the opportunity – delicious food and a fun class, what more could you want?

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  1. Amuthavalli Tuma says:

    You know what fires me up and keeps me going? All the feedback I get from people about my work and its impact on their life. I appreciate people who inspire me. Every creative person needs feedback, whether it’s good or bad, there is this little needy “me” that wants attention and recognition. Thank you and big hug Chelsea Navarro darling …. get ready for second round in May 19th Friday 👩🏻‍🍳

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