Moonlit Snowshoe Tour on the Dobratsch Mountain

Moonlit Snowshoe Tour on the Dobratsch - Hello and Hallo Blog

This week, I participated in a moonlit snowshoe tour on the Dobratsch mountain in Carinthia. The Dobratsch is one of the landmark mountains of Villach and is a popular hiking destination. I had never been snowshoeing before and when I found that the Carinthian International Club was organizing this event, I jumped on the opportunity to join.

Moonlit Snowshoe Tour on the Dobratsch - Hello and Hallo Blog

Our group met at sunset at the end of the Villacher Alpenstraße on the Dobratsch. The views from the mountain were incredible. We were also lucky enough to catch a gorgeous sunset over the Julian Alps. Since the tour took place by moonlight, I was unable to get many photos during the snowshoe tour, so hopefully, these give you an idea of just how beautiful it was.

Snowshoe Tour on the Dobratsch - Hello and Hallo Blog

This was my first time snowshoeing and I was nervous about how difficult the hike would be. I had no idea how to put on snowshoes or how to walk in them. It turns out it is just like hiking, but you feel like a waddling duck and have to take smaller and wider steps. I was relieved to find that I was not the only one inexperienced with snowshoeing. Those of us who were unsure of what we were doing quickly forged a bond in our shared confusion. Thankfully, our guides were very supportive during our hike to the Hütte and helped me when my snowshoe came off – many thanks!

Moonlit Snowshoe Tour on the Dobratsch - Hello and Hallo Blog

While snowshoeing, I felt very cool and imagined myself as a spy on a mission, like James Bond. But James Bond without the womanizing, weapons and martinis – so really, nothing like James Bond, more like Chelsea snowshoeing and wishing she was James Bond.

View of Villach from the Dobratsch at Night

The snowshoe tour was a fun experience and I am glad I did it. There were some thrilling and scary parts, but I could not imagine a more beautiful way to spend the evening. I look forward to snowshoeing again, but next time I will be sure to bring a celebratory martini for the end so I can fulfill my James Bond goals.

The Carinthian International Club organizes the tour every year at the end of Winter, so if you are in the area I strongly recommend you check it out. As of 2017, the cost is 5 Euros for CIC Members and 20 Euros for non-members.

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