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Hiking for Beer at Auf der Biersch

Beer + Hiking + Carinthia = Auf der Biersch! Every Autumn, the Hundsmarhof Guest House at the Dobratsch nature park hosts Auf der Biersch. Auf der Biersch is a beer tasting event with more than 30 beers available to sample. On top of all of the beers, there is also plenty of food made by […]

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A Sunday Walk at Schützenwiese

Sundays in Austria are slow days meant for relaxation. Since most businesses are closed on Sundays, Austrians spend their time with their families, friends and in nature. Every so often, I like to spend my Sundays with a nature walk at the Schützenwiese. Schützenwiese is a park located in the Warmbad area of Villach with several peaceful […]

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Ossiach Canyon Hike

With beautiful wooded areas, pristine Alpine lakes, and gratifying views, hiking in Austria is not to be missed. In the state of Carinthia (German: Kärnten) there is a gorgeous canyon hike in the town of Ossiach. If you find yourself near Ossiach, I highly recommend this rewarding hike that takes you along a brook and […]

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