Villach Singt: Traditional Austrian Choirs in Carinthia

Villach SingtEvery year, the city of Villach hosts traditional Austrian choirs to perform in the city center for “Villach Singt.” Villach Singt takes place on a Saturday in June from 10 – 13:00. In the Villach Innenstadt there are several choir performance areas. The music is fantastic and it brings the town to life in the morning.

Villach SingtThis was my second time attending Villach Singt and it has become one of my favorite Spring events in Villach. Since Villach Singt begins in the morning, I like to start with a fresh cup of coffee before heading downtown in search of breakfast pastries and some good music. The weekly farmer’s market takes place at the same time so there are plenty of food options. Villach SingtA variety of choirs participates in the event, including children’s singing groups from the local Volksschule. I love hearing the children sing Austrian folk songs. It is nice to know that the younger generation is learning the traditions of the region. Villach SingtOne of my favorite performances this year was by a men’s choir. They sang an entertaining song about Villach that included lyrics about Kirchtag and how beautiful the river Drau is. I saw the same group perform last year and it was nice to see how much my German has progressed. I understood 40% of what the songs were about, so I was feeling pretty awesome – ha! Hopefully next year I will understand 70%!

Villach Singt

I am happy that visiting Villach Singt has become an annual tradition for me. As an expat, it can sometimes feel difficult to integrate into the local culture. Because of this, Villach Singt has become an easy “in” for me. Next year I plan on wearing my Dirndl to really get into the spirit.

More Information

Information about Villach Singt can be found on the Stadt Villach homepage (information is in German).

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