Where to Buy and Sell Second-hand in Austria

Where to Buy and Sell Second-hand in Austria

Whether you just moved to Austria or are looking to let go of some items around your home, buying and selling second-hand items in Austria is possible. Not only is buying and selling second-hand items a great way to give old stuff a new life, but it is also environmentally friendly. You know what they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Here are some of the resources I have found for buying and selling second-hand items in Austria –


Willhaben is an online marketplace similar to Craigslist that is one of the most popular websites for buying and selling second-hand. On Willhaben you can find postings for rentals, used cars, jobs, and the typical reselling marketplace. Visit at – willhaben.at

Online Classifieds

In addition to Willhaben, there are several online classifieds where people post items to re-sell. Visit at – Locanto (locanto.at) and Bazar (bazar.at).


Re-sell apps are beginning to grow in use around Austria. However, it is important to note that there are fewer postings for areas outside of Wien or other metropolitan areas. Some of the commonly used re-sell apps for second-hand items are Let Go and Shpock. Postings are typically in German. Visit at – at.letgo.com and shpock.com

Facebook Groups:

Depending on where you live in Austria, there may be a Facebook group for people to re-sell second-hand items in your area. Since this is location dependent, I recommend a quick search of Facebook to see what is out there. For example, there is ESN Vienna Sell and Buy which was formed to help Exchange Students in Vienna.

Thrift stores and Flohmarkts:

In addition to buying and selling online, there are thrift stores and Flohmarkts (Swap Meets/Flea Markets) in Austria.

Thrift Stores: 

Caritas is a large Catholic charity that operates thrift stores throughout Austria. Humana is a human rights non-profit organization with thrift stores in Vienna and Graz.


Flohmarkt.at has an overview of upcoming events and Flohmarkts across Austria. Flohmarkts typically do not charge an entrance fee for shoppers and feature a variety of second-hand items.

Best of luck treasure hunting and hopefully you are able to make some cash from selling your old belongings.


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